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What is the Complete Wellness Program?

If you've come this far, congratulations on investing in yourself and welcome to the Complete Wellness Program!

I create a personalized wellness program for each client which includes: how to eat properly for your own body, detailed shopping list, recipe guides, movement and exercise routines, a stress level management guide, the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle on your own and so much more!

Connect your mind, body, and spirit in an honest, guided journey toward sustainable health and complete wellness. Keep scrolling for more details.



Step 1:

Weekly video calls where we dive deep into maintaining your health, fitness and wellness goals. All Access Support between sessions via text, email and phone. I’ll be your cheerleader throughout this journey. Stress Management Coaching. We identify stress triggers first before focusing on what you eat and how you exercise. Meditation Practice. I will help you create a personalized mindfulness practice that will leave you feeling free and energized.



Step 2: 

Movement and Exercise Routines. You’ll learn how to stick to these for a long term commitment to yourself. We find what works best for you at home, in the gym or on the road. Diet. I’ll deep dive into what you eat, your mindset around meals, how to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy schedule, and how to start putting yourself first. Shopping lists and Recipes. I’ll guide you through this for as long as it takes.



Step 3: 

Travel, Holiday and Special Occasion 911: Send me your travel destinations and I will find restaurants, fitness facilities and survival strategies to keep you on track. Go ahead, text me a photo of the menu. I’m here. My Tough Love Method. You are investing in yourself. If you get sidetracked or lose motivation, I will give a healthy dose of tough love to remind you that you are worth the investment you are making in yourself. You can’t continue doing what you are doing and expect a change. I won’t lie to you about the results or consequences of your actions. I will hold your feet to the fire to help you transform into the best version of yourself!

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