Sports Massage & Movement

The work I do is based on Thai Massage techniques combined with trigger point therapy and fascial release.

Beginners Guide on how it works:

  • Book a 120 minute session, a 90 minute session or a quick 60 minute session
  • We'll have a brief assessment and consultation
  • We'll move to a comfortable, large futon-style mat
  • Firm pressure is applied with my hands & feet to increase circulation and release tension
  • I'll guide your arms & legs through range-of-motion movements to stretch your body and increase flexibility
  • We use tools such as Chi Machine, heated bio mat, muscle liberator and knot reducing accessories
  • You'll leave feeling a deep release, more centered and an ease of movement

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Sports and Recovery Bodywork - Luxurious 120

An intensive two-hour treatment. The entire body will be treated, with extra time to focus on specific muscle groups.

Sports and Recovery - Traditional 90

Traditional Sports Massage Sessions are 90 minutes long. Each session is customized for your current needs. We'll work on your back, your stomach, each side and in a seated position.


Sports and Recovery Bodywork - Quick 60

60 Minutes sessions are more targeted to one muscle group. Patients will typically lie on their back and stomachs only.

Yoga & Meditation

Book a one-on-one private yoga class, an hour session with a group of friends, or rent out the space for your own practice. Private yoga is perfect for anyone who requires modifications and adjustments that aren’t provided in a group class setting.

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Yoga Group Instruction

Book an hour session with a group of friends. Up to eight yogis at a time! Depending on your needs and desires, we will work together to create a practice that is energizing, grounding, centering or all of the above.


Private Yoga Instruction

One hour of private yoga instruction. If you are a beginner to yoga and want to learn the basics, an advanced practitioner wanting to introduce more advanced postures, recovering from an injury, or currently have a specific injury, private yoga will give you the individual attention your body needs to transform.

Room Rental

With prior authorization, service providers may rent the treatment space.

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