Body Work & Movement

The work I do is based on Thai Massage techniques combined with trigger point therapy and fascial release.

Beginners Guide on how it works:

  • Book a 120 minute session, a 90 minute session or a quick 60 minute session
  • We'll have a brief assessment and consultation
  • We'll move to a comfortable, large futon-style mat
  • Firm pressure is applied with my hands & feet to increase circulation and release tension
  • I'll guide your arms & legs through range-of-motion movements to stretch your body and increase flexibility
  • We use tools such as Chi Machine, heated bio mat, muscle liberator and knot reducing accessories
  • You'll leave feeling a deep release, more centered and an ease of movement

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Thai Massage 

Thai-based massage is performed with the client fully dressed. You’ll rest on a large mat while I bend, stretch, and heal your sore muscles and injuries.

Clinical MAssage Therapy

Traditional table massage with the goal of injury rehabilitation and prevention. Muscle knots are compressed, fluid is circulated, and your nervous system is soothed.

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23.10.27 _ PattiMorrow_ StillsxMar-116_websize.jpg

Combination Thai & Traditional Massage

In an hour or 90 minutes I use all the tools to get your body and mind feeling centered. Wear comfortable workout clothes and I’ll design a customized protocol for your body’s needs.

Yoga & Wellness

Book a private yoga session. Private yoga is perfect for anyone who requires modifications and adjustments that aren’t provided in a group class setting.

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Yoga is accessible to everyone. I have studied and practiced yoga for over 30 years. There is no other form of exercise I perform on a regular basis. You don’t need to be flexible, strong, or even able to stand to reap the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Let me guide you to a home practice that can serve you for a lifetime.


Health Coaching

No two clients or health coaching sessions are alike. Your journey is specific to you. I believe in small steps for lasting results.

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